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Best Things To Do In Thailand

Thailand is the travel hub of Southeast Asia. Most people coming into the region fly into Bangkok and make that their base for doing the circuit around Southeast Asia. With its lush jungles, famed beaches, world-class diving, amazing food, and cheap prices, Thailand attracts visitors from all walks of life. It is by far my favorite country in the world! You can find super cheap guesthouses, and then seemingly right next door you can find resorts charging upwards of $10,000 USD a night! With all the variance, finding inexpensive accommodations is definitely doable. Travel through Thailand is easy. The country is a well-worn destination on the backpacking trail and everything is convenient and easy. Though well on the map, there are still good destinations to visit away from the crowds and the prices they bring. Overall, Thailand speaks for itself. It’s so well known around the world that when you hear the name, you already think about beaches, beauty, jungles, and food. And your thoughts are spot on.

Admire Wat Doi Suthep
This stunning Buddhist temples lies in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, 10 miles out of Chiang Mai. A tram or a trek up 300 steps will take you to the summit of Doi Suthep, where the glittering gold temple spire awaits you. The temple dates back to the 14th century, and really is too beautiful to miss.

Visit the Golden Triangle
The point where the Mekong River meets the Ruak River is known as the Golden Triangle. You can take a boat and head to the Golden Triangle Park, or check out some of the many Buddha statues and markets.

Check out the Hill Tribe Villages
There are several tribes that can be found throughout the Northern area of Thailand. The Akha, Hmong, Lisu, and Karen tribes live in this area. There are several treks you can do that will take you through the smaller villages and meet locals.

Shop at the Floating Markets
Thailand is full of markets. Perhaps the most whimsical of these are the floating markets, which can be found throughout the country. Some of the best are Damnoen Saduak, in Ratchaburi, and the Taling Chan Weekend Floating Market in Bangkok. You’ll find rickety boats piled high with colorful goods and eats. You’ll get plenty of great photos!

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